hardwood floor 03If you have a hardwood floor for your house, it increases not only the value but also the look of your house.

Hardwood floors give your house elegance and sophistication. However, you must take extra care to maintain your hardwood floor, and that is a matter not to be taken too lightly. You can call hardwood flooring Houston if you need advice on your hardwood floor.

Below are a few tips to help you keep your hardwood floors free of damage and looking great.

Hardwood floors and water are not friends

Since hardwood and water are a combination for disaster, you must always ensure you wipe any liquids that may spill on the floor immediately with a cloth. Liquids such as wine or juice can harm your floor by making it loose its shine and also warp the wood.

Regularly clean your floor

Dust and dirt can be very harmful to hardwood ass they will scratch the surface causing the wood to lose its luster. Unlike tiled or ceramic floors that will not get damaged, hardwood is easily damaged by dust.

Therefore, it is paramount that you sweep your hardwood floor frequently with a soft broom and a vacuum. To reduce the dirt and dust coming into the house use a mat at the entrance of your house so that visitors can wipe their feet before coming in.

Call the professionals

You may think of yourself as a handyman, but it’s best to leave major hardwood floor refurbishing work to professionals. They have the right experience and tools to do the job right. Remember its more cost effective to hire a professional than end up messing up your floor and having to pay twice for a job that went wrong.hardwood floor 04

Use the right cleaning liquids

We all like are floors to be spick and span. However using cleaners like oil soaps can leave residues on your floor that will later make applying maintenance coats on the floor difficult. Always go for cleaner’s that are meant for hardwood.

Hardwood is prone to scratches

Most types of flooring are resistant to scratches but not hardwood. Never drag heavy furniture on your hardwood floor. This will leave ugly marks on your beautiful floor.
Your beautiful hardwood floor is the focal point of your home. Follow these steps to ensure that they remain so.

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